13 03 2009

Signmark is a Finnish band with a deaf singer, and they make great hip hop music. According to their bio it started with the fact that Signmark’s friend “wanted to combine visual sign language and the strong message of the deaf and express it through hip hop music”. So far they’re doing pretty good in Scandinavia, but have become famous in Japan, Namibia and the US as well.
Go Signmark, says I!! :D


In the Finnish “Eurovision song contest ” they came in second, here are the final results:
1. Waldo’s People – “Lose Control”, 45,1 %
2. Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen – “Speakerbox”, 41,2 %
3. Passionworks feat. Tony Turunen – “Surrender”, 13,7 %

Pretty good I’d say!

Signmark’s official site
(where you can also watch a video of “Speakerbox”)