The continuum of the plastic bottle/container discussion

16 05 2010

My blog post How safe is Tupperware, and other plastic containers draws a lot of readers to this blog. Just as a follow up on this blog post, I would like to shed some light upon some of the comments made to that blog post.

First off, there’s this great website where you can find more information about the things I’ve discussed earlier (why plastic bottles are a bad choice, how some of the plastics used in plastic containers may affect your health etc.). There you can also buy stainless steel containers and mugs (the small parts made of plastic are made of polypropylene #5 plastic which is considered a safe plastic). Also check out their Health Resource Center for more information about how hazardous certain plastics can be. They also provide links to a bunch of great videos, among others this one:

This is the web page I’m talking about:

For an informative pdf-table called “Understanding Plastic Recycling Codes”, click here.

And regarding a question I got about Starbucks tumblers and mugs – the ones I’ve seen are made out of #7 plastic. Bottles and containers made out of that plastic are accused of leaching Bisphenol A, which might cause chromosomal damage. They market their tumblers nicely, however, as made out of a certain percentage recycled material. The question is: does the fact that the tumblers are made of recycled material negate the fact that it reads #7 on the bottom? (They do, however, have many different tumblers and mugs, so some might be made out of some other, safer, plastic.)




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