The revolution is now

13 05 2010

The other day I watched Zeitgeist – The Movie and I was really moved by it. Some of the things weren’t new to me, as I am used to watching different types of critical movies and documentaries, but a lot of them were. My conclusion: everyone should watch this movie, so I decided to make my first post here in almost a year.

The reason for not updating this blog in a while is that my life right now is at a stand-still. I’m at the end of the first stage of my studies, and I have, unfortunately, spent this whole year basically in the same city, at the same library, without the same amount of new experiences as last year, when I was traveling the world. Yesterday, however, I went to a viewing of the movie The Human Experience (a movie about a few guys trying to find out if we’ve forgotten what it means to be human. They visit poor and sick children in Peru, homeless people in NYC and a leper colony in Ghana) and I actually talked to one of the guys who made the movie (he’s also one of the guys behind Grassroots Films) about life, about the happiness that people living in poor areas possess and how we all should pursue such a happiness instead of wanting to own a big house and a nice car. Possessions are nothing without happiness. And whatever anyone else may claim – money can’t buy you true happiness.

This year I’ve also been really frustrated over the fact that in order for me to pursue my dreams and goals, I have to succumb to this western, consumption-centered society. I have to finish my studies to be able to do what I want and work to protect children’s rights and human rights – that’s all good, I’m happy to do that. But I also have to live and work here, in an environment where I truly aren’t happy, to earn enough money to be able to afford e.g. volunteering somewhere in the world… It’s a paradox really. I have to live here and earn money in order for me to go to places where I’m reminded that money and possessions aren’t even nearly the most important things in life. I guess there’s some way around this, I just haven’t found it yet.


Zeitgeist – The Movie is distributed on the web for free – watch or download it or the follow up movie Zeitgeist – Addendum at:


More information about The Human Experience and Grassroots Films can be found at:




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