What if you could do it all over again?

22 03 2009

Are you happy with the choices you’ve made in your life?

The thought hit me the other day. What would I change if I could live my life all over again? Would I do anything different?

I’ve always believed that you should live your life to the fullest and never regret any choices you’ve made, be they good or bad. Because it’s always easy to second-guess, but I do believe that, at the time, you made the choices you made for a reason. I don’t think anyone consciously would make a choice that they KNOW is the “wrong” one.

And speaking of wrong choices. Do they really exist? One could claim that there is no right or wrong answer – at the moment when the choice is to be made one could actually claim that there are only right choices. If you knew beforehand that one choice was the wrong one you wouldn’t even seriously consider it as a choice – so all the choices are “right” – in some way at least…


I’ve taken a liking to the saying that you should never regret things that you did do, but only things that you didn’t do. I try to live by that principle. No matter how “wrong” a choice may seem afterwards I refuse to regret it – since at the time it felt like the right thing to do. And since I don’t want to miss out on anything I always strive to do the most that I can. Remember – “…just regret the things you didn’t do”. I don’t want to wake up when I’m 50 realizing that there was so much I could have done, but I didn’t.

Most people always find some excuse not to do something that they might want to but that seems a bit dangerous, wild or simply “out of the norm”. They’re either too busy, do not have enough money, don’t want to risk the stabile and secure life they’re leading at the moment, or they’re simply too afraid. I say – don’t let logic rule your life! You’ve got to LIVE! You’ve got to dare do things you’ve only dreamed about doing! And don’t be afraid to change direction in life if you one day wake up and realize you’re not perfectly happy with your current living situation!

Let’s take a for instance – you’re studying to become a doctor, which most likely would lead to a respected career and a well-paid job. But what if you all of a sudden, when you’ve graduated, realize that this isn’t at all what you want to do the rest of your life? Maybe you chose that career because of your parents, because of the good pay, or maybe you just simply changed your mind after those years of studying. It really doesn’t matter why you all of a sudden don’t want to work as a doctor anymore, the only thing that matters is that then you have a choice. You could keep on pursuing a career as a doctor, and maybe you could be perfectly fine with that – but would you be truly happy?

Ever since I’ve started to consciously do more things that scare and tempt me at the same time I’ve become a much happier person. Of course, there are times when I wonder why I wasn’t satisfied with a calm, secure life with everything worked out for me – with a plan. But that thought passes really quickly. I usually realize really quickly why exactly I’m happier this way – leading a life where I don’t actually know where I’m going to be in a year. When I’m sad I’m more sad than I ever was before, but when I’m happy, I’m truly happy. Then it’s no longer about having this feeling of satisfaction. It’s about feeling a strong sense of being truly and honestly happy – and you feel all throughout your whole body! And that feeling makes you feel so alive. Then I know. I know why I chose this lifestyle. I know why I’ve given up all that security. I know that I will not wake up when I’m 50 (or 60, or 70 for that matter), wondering where my life went!

So if you’ve ever thought about “taking the leap” – just give it another serious thought. It might just be worth the sacrifice ;)




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