The lifelong search for happiness

13 03 2009

Are you one of those people who are constantly pursuing a goal – thinking that you’ll be happy once you get there? Then you need to read the following blog post:

The Single Secret to Making 2009 Your Best Year Ever

As Leo correctly points out – stop waiting for happiness. Happiness is right here, right now.

I’ve been working on learning to “enjoy the journey” – as opposed to just waiting for the goal – for quite some time already, and it’s not always easy. Actually, in the beginning it was pretty hard. But it’s definitely worth the effort! I feel so much more aware, so much more present, than I used to. I’ve learned to enjoy a beautiful view, the sky, a painting, a song – and I didn’t need Leo to tell me that ;) When I say “enjoy” I don’t just mean to see the sky, think it’s beautiful and then move on. No. I mean I’ve learned to really embrace it. A beautiful day I can look at the sky for a long time. I’ve had days when I’ve actually laid down in the grass next to the path on my way home from the grocery store and just looked at the sky for half an hour. To really give in to the feeling is amazing! To just let the happiness spread inside your body until you’re totally filled with that feeling – it’s unbelievable! Everyone should try this out until they master it – and I feel sorry for those who are “too busy” – and therefore miss out on this wonderful experience!

But, even though I know how to enjoy the sky and a lot of other every day things, I still have some things I need to work on. While reading that blog post I realized that I might be good at enjoying myself, but what about (school) work? I mean, sure, there are certain areas within my field that I absolutely love, but what about the rest of them? I have to study hard for them as well. While reading his “list” I realized that I need to learn how to enjoy the process of completing a task or writing an assignment – and not just keep waiting for it to be done, with the deadline in mind. I’m sure there’s a way to learn how to enjoy working on projects that might not seem all that interesting from the beginning – and I’m gonna learn how to learn that!




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