Colombia needs your help!

13 03 2009

One of my friends is working with an NGO in Bogota, Colombia, at the moment, and apparently there have been several landslides during the past few days. Hundreds of families are left without homes, and the NGO needs YOUR help and support to be able to buy supplies, medicines etc for those families! I already contributed with 50 € (which is not a lot if you’re working but for me it constitutes a fourth of my monthly income at the moment :P) – and I dare you to do the same thing! All the money goes directly to the families, since all the workers are volunteers. I felt good about donating money to this organization since I know where the money goes! And who cares if I have to live on soups for a while because I donated my last money to this organization? And so what if I have to borrow money?

These. People. Do. Not. Have. That. Option.



Read more at: Save Somebody’s Day!





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