A dream. A vision.

13 03 2009

Let me start in the same way Martin Luther King did – “I have a dream”.

In this case it is actually true. I do have a dream. And I do have a vision. I started another blog about a month ago, and I thought it would be like any other blog that I’ve had earlier – just stories about my daily life – an internet diary, if you will. But last night I realized that I haven’t posted a single entry to it that concerned my life, at all. It’s taken a whole new turn. It’s developed into something else. And therefore I decided that I didn’t want to keep that URL, nor the name for that matter – so I changed it – and this will be my new URL (unfortunately a lot of my first choices were already in use). Effectively, I will “repost” some of the entries that I’ve made to that other blog during the past few weeks – simply because they are good entries that I want to include here as well.


I noticed that the main goal I want to pursue with my blog is to spread information about events, facts etc concerning almost anything. That is – I want to make people more aware, more informed, more conscious.

I want people to lead environmental friendly lives, to donate money to charity (to good organizations, where half of it doesn’t immediately go to the CEOs’ salaries), to pursue their own dreams, to care about what’s happening to people in other parts of the world – to lead lives they’re proud of!

I. Want. People. To. Care.

It’s that simple.




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